Self Care

I have thought often about people’s ability to care for themselves.  It seems everyone I know does try, but mostly is unsuccessful at taking care of themselves.  Why is this such a struggle?  Why do the demands of others shut down that little voice inside telling us to take care of ourselves?  In thinking about my situation, it is clear as day that this can become a huge delay.  Feeling burnt out, stressed out, and tired all the time doesn’t make anyone do anything at 100%.  I go through a work day with barely eating, drinking almost no water, and not making my physical constraints a priority.  I get home and am completely exhausted!  This does no good to me since I then can’t put anything into the other parts of my life that are so important.  So how does someone find a balance?  How do we realize that taking care of ourselves is the only way we can be any good to anyone else.  I spoke with someone the other day, reaching retirement and said that they can’t wait cause they are beyond exhausted.  Why do we let ourselves get there?  Why do we become workaholics?  Where along the way did we lose sight of the fact that our bodies are critical in us achieving anything, and beating them up doesn’t help?  A bigger question, how do we go back?


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