We live in a world where we are constantly being pushed, pulled and stressed.  We feel tired, drained and exhausted often.  So what keeps us going?  How do you re-energize yourself?  I have found that gratitidue, actually living and breathing it, is an amazing motivator and energizer.  When exhaustion kicks in, work seems overwhelming, thinking about how wonderful my life is gives me a new perspective and breath of fresh air.  Recently starting a gratitude book to carry and jot down things gives me an opportunity to look back and realize how lucky I am.  Listing everything from big things like my husband to small things like beautiful sunsets, I can refocus to what is important and really worth focusing my energy on.

Actually living gratitude can be a challenge.  It is hard sometimes to see past the current troubles we face.  But in fact, each trouble is a new opportunity to be grateful.  Grateful for the experience and knowledge that comes from the situation.  Grateful for our skills and talents to face adversity.  Grateful for all the people who help us through along the way.  These are actually the best times to really see how many good things are in our lives.  Everything we face throughout our days is new opportunities.  Every minute that passes is a new time to realize the amazing things about our lives.

So what are you grateful for?

Here is a some of my never ending list to get you started:

  • My Family- Parents, Siblings, Nieces and Nephews for all the love and friendship they give
  • My husband and his ability to make me smile and never ending of support he gives
  • All my friends as they all accept me for who I am
  • My pets- loyal, calm and loving
  • Sunsets that make me stop and smile
  • All the experiences that I have been given to travel and all the different people that have entered my life along the way
  • Watching a new plant grow from a little seed
  • Clouds that get my creativity going on what they look like
  • Meditating in the sun
  • Feeling of a slight breeze on a warm day
  • Smell of roses and lavender
  • My ability to find creative solutions to challenges
  • Good books
  • My back injury teaching me the importance of self care

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