Your World

     “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

One of my all time favorite quotes! I find it an incredible way to look at our lives.  What is my purpose?  Why am I here?  What can I offer the world?  These are common questions I hear that baffle people.  This quote simply explains the answer.  You are here to find You.  Discover what your world is and commit to it.  There is no right way to find it, there is only the right way for you.  We are all brought here with unique skills and talents along with a deep rooted passion that we must find.  The secret is that you can create your world.  The circumstances we generally look at as road blocks are nothing more than our choices manifested into our world.  We can change anything we want, and can create our lives from passion instead of the things we see as controlling us. 

Just imagine your life the way you want it.  What dreams do you have?  What makes your heart expand with excitement and joy?  These are clues to what your world can be.  Don’t list off all the reasons these things aren’t possible… list all the ways they could be possible.  We all have pieces of ourselves that awaken us and take us out of our day-to-day routines and makes us really feel.  How can you bring about a small piece of that part of you in your daily life?  The first thought that crosses your mind, that one memory from childhood that jumped in, is the True You coming to the surface.  Don’t just laugh it off and think “that is ridiculous, i can’t do that”.  Listen to it, explore it and use it.  Start integrating these long-dormant parts of yourself and unlock the key to your fulfillment. This is the beginning of creating your world!


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