It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly.”
– Mabel Newcomber

Patience is something that we as humans struggle with pretty consistently.  There is a reason we call it a virtue.  We want what we want, when we want it.  Waiting is not only challenging;  it often seems impossible.  Once we decide where we want to go, we want to be there immediately.  Whether it is a new career direction, losing weight, or new habits we are implementing, we want it immediately.  There is an excitement in the decision itself that is energizing and propels us forward, but it will only last for so long.  Real change takes time and waiting isn’t something most of us do well.  There is a reason our species has created such incredible technology- we want things easier and quicker.

Here is the secret:  Nature has its own timing.  We can’t speed it forward.  We can’t make a plant grow quicker, or speed up the 9 months it takes to create a life.  These things are all done in the timing that nature dictates.  This is no different in our own lives.  When we approach change in a healthy, lasting way it will take time – the perfect amount of time, regardless of how we feel about it.  Focusing on our ultimate direction and watching the journey unfold can be highly rewarding.  Watching the little changes along the way – those things we miss when we are frustrated about how long things take – will make the change not only more pleasurable but also more sustainable.  Slow down.  What’s the rush?  How can you look at changes you are making and be at peace knowing it will come when the time is right?  Keep making those steps that we know are necessary, but also start focusing on the journey.  Look at all those wonderful things happening along the way, and trust the destination will arrive then nature is good and ready.



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