“If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.” ~Frank A. Clark

This is such an amazing time of the year. Gratitude is flowing through so many people from Thanksgiving to Christmas. We are entrenched with family, friends and giving. Acts of kindness can be found around every corner! For many it is hard, however, to maintain it past these short months. Real life hits us in January and the year begins with our resolutions and the changes we want to make. We focus so heavily on change or taking on the new year the grateful moments we enjoy this time of the year fall to the waist side and we jump to all the things we want different. Although motivation and change is a great thing, focusing solely on that can be toxic and cause us to lose sight of all the wonder in our every day life.

Majority of the time when I ask someone what they are grateful for I get the big, obvious ones- kids, a home, family, husband, etc. These are such wonderful things in our lives that are, and always will be, at the top of our gratitude list. But in a upheaval of changing our lives these things don’t get as much attention as they should; nor do the little things in our lives that make us smile and can give us that moment of gratitude. The little things are especially important as they can be found in the mist of a maybe otherwise chaotic moment. We can easily integrate gratitude in our daily lives with these little moments that can give us that feeling of awe. Maybe it is looking up at an amazing sunset, maybe it is watching your dog sleep in peace or maybe it is the precious smile of a child. Whatever it may be that warms your heart deserves a moment, a short minute, where you indulge yourself with that feeling and enjoy the sense of gratitude. The more you enjoy these moments, the more you will easily express the gratitude that you feel for the larger pieces of life. Overall, your happiness will easily be found in your daily life versus you waiting to feel such things once you get the changes out of the way.

So I challenge you throughout the next few weeks, immerse yourself in the feelings of the holiday and let it flow over. Start your new year with gratitude and happiness! Allow the changes you want to make a compliment to your already happy life instead of the only thing in your life.


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