Love Unconditionally

“ Love is everything it is cracked up to be…It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.”   -Erica Jong

Love…few words get a stronger emotional response as when you say the word love.  Some people will feel sadness, some will feel joy, some may feel anger…just from four little letters.  It is incredible the power that one word has.  It seems like there are so many perceptions and concerns that we sometimes lose sight of its power.  We fail to remember that love is our natural state.  It is what we are meant to experience, give and receive every day.  It is a part of your human experience that deserves attention and respect.  Giving love to friends, family, partners and even strangers causes more love to come into our lives.  Once we start loving without boundaries and fear we begin to uncover a true state of bliss that is critical to a fulfilled life.


I have recently started learning about the power of unconditional love from such an incredible source…my pets.  When you watch animals you notice several things.  They love without boundaries.  They love without resentment.  They love without fear of rejection.  They love without any concerns or delay.  They just love.  Everyone.  Always.  Animals are our greatest teachers when it comes to living in the moment, embrace joy and ultimately love.  When you see an animal that has been abused they may have some aggression or be timid.  More often than not however this is quickly released when they are given love.  They don’t hold on to past grudges.  My rescued dogs don’t attack me or fear me in retaliation to the past they have experienced.  They just love, unconditionally.  Often you will see dogs still get excited to see the very person that may have been hurting them.  This is a powerful and peaceful way to be.


A good way to practice this is to take the next hour and just expand your heart to love anyone you come in contact with.  Remove the past from your thoughts for just one hour.  Speak lovingly and feel lovingly to everyone you come in contact with, including yourself.  When the hour is up, reflect on how conversations may have been different, how you may feel different and how pleasant the last hour was.  Do this as often as possible and notice a shift in your daily interactions- especially with yourself.  Once you get a taste of living love, it will be clear that this is a better way to approach daily life.


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