Waking Up to Grace

As I was driving the other day I went to make a right turn.  I quickly looked to the left so I could proceed and experienced a moment of complete awe.  In that second I was blessed to see the sky in the early moments of sunrise and it was incredible.  Here in Arizona we get amazing sunrises and sunsets daily; but this one in particular was breathtaking.  Rich deep reds swirled around shades of purple.  Light oranges bleeding into rich golds.  All offset and surrounded by the dark sky as if it was being framed and hung on the wall.  The mountains beneath it resting peacefully with a blend of cactus’s and palm trees anxiously awaiting the light.  The inner peace and appreciation I felt in that moment is something that took me completely by surprise and I won’t soon forget.  It was a moment of complete stillness and grace.

As I sat there staring (luckily no one was coming behind me so I got to sit for a minute or two), I gently gazed around at all the cars going by me.  It was early so there were many and I wondered how many people were missing this moment when the opportunity was right in front of them.  Often I hear from people that state they feel disconnected, rushed, and empty.  I thought to myself, this is a perfect moment that can give us the feelings we so greatly strive for and many people are literally driving away from it.

When I suggest to people that they can find the connection and grace they are looking for by being in the moment, I often hear that we don’t have time to be in the moment…as ironic as that may sound I am sure many of you relate.  Multi-tasking has taken over to the point where we live in a state of being rushed and compiling lists and thoughts in our heads.  One of the beauties of the world today is we are constantly finding ways and making gadgets to help us save time.  A simple example- you can do anything you have to do sitting in a waiting room on your phone; check e-mail, carry on 5 conversations while texting, order dinner and pay a bill all in the span of about 15 minutes.  Not too long ago time waiting for the doctor, getting an oil changed, or waiting for a meeting to start was fairly unproductive time.  We maybe socialized, flipped through a magazine, watched the TV mounted on the wall.  This actually gave us moments of relaxing that are now filled with tasks.  Everyone is on their phone doing something.  The question I often wonder is, if we have now taken this unproductive time and turned it into time when we get more accomplished that they were able to in a whole day prior to the wonder of computers; what are we doing with the time we are saving?  Where did it go?

This simple example can show how we have condensed so much into minutes that we have the time to stop and see these moments of grace that exist.  They are all around us, waiting to be uncovered.  We can take a moment to experience things like this if we would be open to seeing them.   Allow yourself to leverage the benefits of living in this time and commit to actually seeing what is around you versus living in your head.


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