You are gifted

You are gifted.  There is something inside of you that is a gift to the world.  Actually, there are more than likely many things but to keep it simple we will stick with one.  Each of us has something inside of us that not only makes us unique, but also makes us critical to the health and fulfillment of the planet.  Although that may sound huge, it is incredibly true.  The gift that each of us has is part of our purpose which is what the world needs.  Most of the time when people feel unfulfilled it is because they are not using their gift.  Many of us ignore it.  We are not focused on leveraging it in our daily life.  This is not only incredibly unfortunate to us as individuals, but also to all those around us.

When I ask people why they don’t use their gift, often I hear “I can’t make a living with that”.  It is important to realize that this is a perception.  Technically, you can make a living doing anything.  It may take creativity, hard work, and sacrificing the standard of living you desire; but you can if you really wanted to.  Almost any gift from being a talented musician to being an excellent gardener could be turned into a career.  This is important to acknowledge because once you realize you are choosing not to use your gift as a means of “making a living”, then you can let go of any belittling you do subconsciously of your gift.  By downplaying its power simply because it won’t make you a millionaire is blocking you from fully using your gift and feeling fulfilled.

With that being said, understand that you don’t have to make a living with your gift.  One has nothing to do with the other.  It is wonderful if you can integrate the two, but this is not necessary.  If you choose not to because it won’t give you the life you desire, realize that this choice is completely acceptable but it does not mean you should ignore it completely.  Using your gift to fulfill your purpose does not have to be your means of income.  It is only important that you find ways to integrate it into your life.  It is can be used in one aspect of your job, in the evenings after the kids are in bed, or on the weekends.  The important thing is to analyze your life and find places that you can leverage your gift.  Look closely and get creative.  If you spend some time thinking about it the ways to integrate it will be easy to find.   The answers are within you; it is just a matter of uncovering them.

Many people also feel they do not have a gift.  Please recognize that this is not true and finding your gift (or gifts) can be fairly simple. Not all gifts are as apparent as playing music or painting. It can be researching, listening, asking questions, etc.  A gift can be anything that you are naturally good at (not to say that practice isn’t necessary) and something that makes you feel excited and passionate.

A few simple ways to find your gift:

  • What came to mind as you read this?  There is a clue in there.
  • Ask your friends and family what you are great at. It may be so obvious they all say the same thing or you may find several gifts in there.
  • If money was not in the equation at all, what would you do with your days?  Why?  What do you like about it?

Remember, you are gifted.  You are incredibly special and using your gift is an important step to living a fulfilled life.


2 responses to “You are gifted

  1. Thanks for this. I needed to hear it today! 🙂

  2. “Most of the time when people feel unfulfilled it is because they are not using their gift.” — These words are oh so true!

    In reply to: “Many of us ignore it. We are not focused on leveraging it in our daily life….When I ask people why they don’t use their gift, often I hear “I can’t make a living with that”.

    Iyanla Vanzant said it best …”Don’t attach a paycheck to your purpose.”…I understand that the income will come when you act in alignment with your purpose. ❤

    I am so happy to nominate Wellness and Fullfillment for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 Your words are refreshing and I am happy to find a blog that shares the same perspective as I but has the ability to push me an inch farther outside of my comfort zone. ❤

    Here is the link for the image and for more info for accepting the award. ❤

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