Get Uncomfortable

Comfort is incredibly detrimental to progress.  It is the one of the largest reasons people get stuck and bored in their lives.  It is easy to stay where we are comfortable.  It puts us in a position with little fear and that feels very safe to us.  Avoiding things that are new and uncomfortable help keep our lives predictable and give us a sense of control.  However, unless there is a level of discomfort, we as humans do not progress.  A simple example would be when your alarm goes off in the morning.  You are incredibly comfortable snuggled up under the covers.  Every piece of your body screams to stay there, cozy and warm.  The room around you is cold and that sounds unpleasant.  But, if you gave into that urge and remained in bed it would be very difficult to move forward with your day and get anything accomplished.  This is very similar to your life.

In order to grow and develop momentum towards your goals you have to get uncomfortable. Evolution and progress are born from being put in a situation where something new has to be learned and experienced. If you were to do the same thing every day, interact with the same people in the same way, you would find it very difficult to learn something new. You wouldn’t need to learn a new way to interact with people, a new way to approach a situation, or a new perspective that is often the key benefit to discomfort.  Any time you are in a situation that is unfamiliar you leave that experience learning something about yourself that you would be lacking otherwise.  It will give you new perspective almost immediately and assist you in really knowing who you are.

Granted, through the course of life you will run into this in some small ways.  Regardless of the routines you put in place, you will occasionally run into something challenging and different from the day before.  However, if you truly want to become the person you dream of than you must accelerate this.  You can’t rely solely on the random occurrences that may be laid in front of you.  You must put yourself in situations that you have never been in and find new ways to do things.  This will open up doors and possibilities that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to, which is key to becoming the person you want to and creating the life you want.

It may sound scary but it doesn’t always have to be huge things.  It can be responding in a conversation that is different than you would have before and seeing how it works. It can be going to an event you have never been to.  Going somewhere alone like a restaurant or movie can be incredible uncomfortable for many and a great place to start.  It begins with making decisions every day that challenge you to do something different and new.  Even the smallest experience will cause you to learn something new about yourself and the world around you.  You will run into new people and possibilities that a routine and comfortable life would not have allowed. Exploring, learning, growing and being uncomfortable are all keys to getting unstuck in your life.

Find something every day that will get you uncomfortable and enjoy the great experiences.  Before you know it the life you want will uncover itself and you will be anything but bored!


11 responses to “Get Uncomfortable

  1. Great advice. Love it. So true!!! 🙂

  2. Absolutely – Get Uncomfortable! Get out of your comfort zone! Live Life!

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