You are Beautiful

Generally I stay away from the word beautiful.  When I do use it generally it is about the beauty around us or inside of us.  Utilizing it in terms of physical appearance is something I avoid partially because of my own insecurities that get shaken awake and partly because of the emotional tornado that comes with the word.  People instantly cringe inside and their inner critic takes over.  But, it is incredibly valuable to understand why that is and what we can do to undo any of the damage the word may bring.  As with most things in life, facing it is the key to changing it.

The word beautiful is one of those words that every person customizes.  When I say beautiful, what comes to mind?  I bet you it is a different image for every person reading this, even if slightly.  It varies even more when you are talking about beauty with people.  We all vary in what we find attractive in a mate and what we envy in those of the same sex.  It is a word that creates more pain and pleasure than most words in the dictionary.   It is a word that consumes our minds whenever we look in the mirror or are looking at someone else.  It is a word that creates an instant stream of judgment that is heart wrenching to many.

The key here is to remember it is just a word, and a word for a perception at that.  There is no clear definition of beauty, however convinced you are that you won’t fit into that category.   As a society, there are general themes for what we believe is beautiful which is clear and evident in our celebrities.  We even create whole magazines around the topic.  But this society varies from that of other countries and every society varies in what they perceive is beautiful.  Despite the amount of weight someone loses, how much plastic surgery they get, how much muscle they build or how much make-up they wear; it is impossible to fit everyone’s view of beauty.   It will never be done.

With that being said, you should know that you are beautiful.  We are all.  Maybe not in a typical way, maybe not in the way that will make us movie stars and maybe not even in the way we would prefer.  But you are beautiful.  It is a matter of perception, just like any experience in our life.  The way we view beauty in ourselves completely depends on how we look at it.  If we shift our focus from the things we see in ourselves that we think are not beautiful and begin to celebrate the things that we think are beautiful, the level of happiness and acceptance of ourselves will flourish.

How are you beautiful?  If your mind instantly went to “I’m not” then you have some work to do.  Sit down and write out everything that is beautiful about you, inside and out.  Look at your body in a different way then you have.  Don’t focus on what you don’t like, look at what you do.

Here is a list of things that I have found beautiful in every person I have ever met to get you started:

Your eyes – Eyes give away secrets of the soul.  It doesn’t matter what color they are, how long your eyelashes are or if you have wrinkles.  Your eyes are incredibly beautiful and tell a story of your individuality.

Your smile – This is best gift you can give to the world.  Your smile brings an instant moment of peace and joy to every person you show it to.  It doesn’t matter how big your lips are or if your teeth are perfect; your smile conveys the most beautiful part of life – joy.

Your hands – I know many people don’t look at their hands and think about beauty but let me tell you, they are amazingly beautiful.  They allow you to take care of others, create beautiful things in this world, embrace others and demonstrate love.  If you take a moment to look at anyone’s hands and think about what they bring to the world you will see the beauty instantly.

There is your list to start…what else is beautiful about you?  Write it out, tell it to the world and believe it with all your heart.  If you feel extra daring look at yourself in the mirror and say “You are so beautiful” over and over again until you feel the peace and acceptance warm your heart.  If you do nothing else, simply remember that I believe, and will always believe, that you are beautiful.


5 responses to “You are Beautiful

  1. Beautifully worded. I will accept your challenge to see myself as beautiful… and it will be a challenge. Thank you for understanding why it’s so hard sometimes.

  2. Reblogged this on Lose Weight, Love You.

  3. Wow, what I wonderful post. I don’t often use the word beautiful either…and I often find it so hard to think of myself as beautiful…but maybe having the courage to even begin to imagine ourselves as beautiful is the first step…

  4. I have to say, this is one great post!
    I think everybody has started to associate ‘beautiful’ with being sexy or just attractive in the most physical possible way.
    In my opinion, beautiful goes way beyond the physical aspect. If we look hard enough, we can find beauty in everything.

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