Finding Patience

Often it is challenging to be patient. We live in a world that is very fast paced and we want to get everything done now. This creates a sense of urgency that filters into many areas of our lives, whether we want it to or not. It seems we are less and less patient standing in lines, waiting in traffic or even waiting for commercials to end and get back to the show we are watching. When this occurs, we loose some of the beauty that can be found in observations of that moment. We are looking forward and feeling an eagerness that sometimes overrides any benefits we could gain from practicing patience.

This can extend to our larger life as well. We are often feeling like we want to skip ahead to a “better” time. It may be finishing school, losing weight, or getting to the next vacation. We can get in the cycle of wanting to reach our goal so badly that the current moment seems useless and perhaps unbearable. This is especially prevalent when we are trying to transition to something that we believe will give us more fulfillment or happiness in our lives.

The problem in this cycle is that once we get there, we will most likely want to go somewhere else. If we feel we “need” something in our lives to change in order to achieve happiness or have our lives really start, then it is likely we will never arrive. Some other stage of our life will always look better than our current circumstances. The process of getting to our goal and the events that occur between now and then IS your life. Your life doesn’t start once you get there.

Here are a few things you can do become more patient in your life:

• Be Present- Any time you are feeling like you need to get on to the next thing or need something to go faster close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you open them again look around and observe what is going on around you. Being anxious and impatient won’t make anything happen faster. Being present and observing will make it feel more enjoyable.

• Be Grateful- Gratitude is a key in creating patience. Once you stop focusing on what isn’t going right or what you don’t have and shift to what is wonderful in your life, you will be more patient in allowing things to flow versus trying to speed them up.

• Remember Your Past- How many times have you thought you wish you could go back in time when it was “easier”? Well, when it was “easier” you probably couldn’t wait to speed ahead into another time in your life. How many people want to grow up when they are young then want to be young again once they are grown up? Reflecting on this and where your mindset has been throughout your life can help remind you to enjoy this moment, as there will most likely be a time when you wish you had it back.

Patience is often the hardest lesson to learn but once you do, there will be happiness no matter what you are working towards or wanting.


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