Being Content

We all know that feeling.  It is the feeling of creeping frustration.  Slowly over time our dreams become so strong it is almost unbearable to live another day without reaching them.  We are taken over by the empty dissatisfaction that emerges when we think about everything we want to change.  We feel suffocated by the circumstance that are keeping us from doing what we truly desire.  We then ponder about how others peoples lives seem so much better than our own.  We convince ourselves we will be happy once we get “there”.  Before we know it, we wake up angry and not looking forward to the day.  Our energy, focus and smile begin to dwindle away.

This is a painful cycle that many live in for weeks, months and even years.  Sometimes it takes a big event or someone being so fed up that they can’t take it any more to really change it.  The solution to this is very simple- be content.  Now, this may sound contrary to other posts about not settling, taking risks, and being uncomfortable; but it is not.  Those things are all so important.  Having dreams and goals to work towards is a large piece of living fulfillment.  The idea of being content isn’t about not wanting to work towards things.  Being content is about taking the perspective that until you get there, everything now is just as it should be.  Things are perfect in this moment and you can be happy, right now, while working towards those things.  Finding a way to focus on your dreams while loving your current life is a fine balance, but one that brings great rewards.

When we get a good vision of our dreams, it comes with a sense of urgency to get there immediately.  The reason is your perception of your current life.  Your tomorrows will always look better than your today if you are focused on what you want to “fix”.  Envisioning a life that you want to create is incredibly important, but can be detrimental if it takes away from your happiness today.  Why can’t you have both?  Dream of a tomorrow that will be all you want while enjoying a today that brings real happiness.  You will never get to your tomorrow if you don’t live the present moment, so you might as well enjoy it.

Here are some tips to start living contentment:

  • Take your time, slow down, and enjoy all the beauty in your life.  Picture yourself 10 years from now looking back.  What will you miss about your current life?  Are you enjoying those things now?
  • Integrate a gratitude practice and don’t focus on the things you don’t like.  Eventually, the journey to achieve your dreams will be significantly more enjoyable.
  • Don’t view your life once you achieve your dreams as “better” than your current life.  Remind yourself that they are both wonderful, just different.

3 responses to “Being Content

  1. I’m really trying to be content and trying to remember that things will unfold exactly as they are suppose to…….much love p.s. very well written!!

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