Make a Change!

Recently I have heard from many people that just aren’t happy in their current life.  Most feel they have a good life, they just feel unfulfilled.  I love when people acknowledge this because it is a sign that they have decided that an average life is no longer good enough for them.  They deserve an amazing life filled with joy and they finally see it.  The hard part is, once someone sees this it can be extremely hard to keep on living the way they currently live.  This can quickly become a spiral of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

The only way out is to make some changes.  Change is very difficult for many people.  The “what ifs” swirl around in our heads until we have decided we can’t risk chasing our dreams.  The courage to chase our dreams and achieve happiness must outweigh the fear of change.  Creating courage is a process that can be different for each of us.  Some people find affirmations can be helpful.  Others reach out to others for support and encouragement.  Take some time to reflect on how you build courage.  Can you integrate any of these things in your daily life?

I have found that being surrounded by those that have had the courage to change helps me feel a little riskier.  With that in mind, I wanted to share the below post from Jason at An Out of the Way Place.  Jason made dramatic changes to create happiness in his life and shares this journey on his blog.  Along with the great photography, reading his reflections on this choice can help build some courage to make changes in our own lives.  Hope you enjoy and may it inspire you to make a change!

Changing Places

Posted on October 16, 2012 by giazon

It’s been three years since I set foot in an office and of those 1,102 days I can say that it’s exactly 0 of them that I’ve missed being there.

My somewhat dramatic career change from lawyer/banker to writer/photographer/bum is one of the topics I’m asked about most.  For the record allow me to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions I encounter:

1. Do I miss it?  That’s an easy one: no, never, not at all.

2. You could always go back right?  Yes I could, but I’d rather live off of twigs and berries in the arctic wilderness than go back to the soul sucking environment of the corporate world.  The only way you’ll find me back in an office is bound in chains or, less dramatically, if I’m working on a film in one. Read more here…


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