Making Space for Fulfillment

We all have moments in our lives when we realize that time is quickly escaping us.  We find ourselves executing everyday through a to do list instead of actually living the precious moments we have.  Although we understand the need for balance and peace, our busy lives sometimes take over and our “must do’s” outweigh our “like to do’s”.  When this happens, we can start to feel a void.  We don’t open up our time for the things that can be fulfilling, and instead push them aside because we are too busy.  Doing this ends up stifling our soul’s growth and we begin just going through the motions.

This can happen with relationships, education, family time or simply hobbies we love.  How many times have you heard someone say they would like to find the love of their life but they are too busy for a relationship?  Or how about those people who say they can’t pursue a course or degree they want because they can’t make the time?  It is a symptom of our busy culture that we feel we don’t have time for the things that mean the most to us.  The tasks that take over our day become priorities over the things we love and cherish.  There is an assumption that there will be time later to pursue these things.  The sad fact is that many people leave this earth feeling the pain of regret from all the things that they wanted to do but never made the space for them.

The solution?  Get busier.  Well, maybe just initially.  In order to make space in your life for the things you want, you must commit to them, which will make you busier initially.  It sounds a little crazy but making space for fulfilling activities requires a bit of re-prioritization and many of us have to force ourselves into it.  If you are working 60 hours a week and feel that you don’t have time to breath, enroll in a course that you want to take.  Join a club that feeds a passion you have.  Begin volunteering with on organization that resonates with you.  Say yes to a date instead of talking yourself out of it.  Commit to coach your son’s soccer team.  Whatever it maybe that you are putting off, embrace it.  Making these commitments will force you to re-prioritize your life.  You will have to let go of some of those “must do’s” that maybe aren’t as critical to ensure you can live up to the new commitments you have made in your life.

The caution here is to ensure these new commitments aren’t things you take on because you feel like you should.  Many of us can add on things, convincing ourselves it is what we really want when in fact it is what we think we should want.  If you get into this trap, you will just be adding on more “must do’s”.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  Ask yourself the painful question; “if today was my last day, what would I regret not doing?”  Don’t judge or feel guilty about what those answers are.  Understand that you are uncovering a part of yourself that needs nurturing and love for you to find fulfillment.

Get creative and start making space in your life for the things your soul craves.


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