Cleanse Your Spirit

Summer is an amazing time of the year.  There is a light and fun energy in the air.  People reconnect with nature, spend time with family and friends and take much needed vacations.  Being outside in the sun, opening the windows in the house and riding with the windows down listening to music bring us excitement.  We tend to smile more, work less and feel a need to connect with those things most important in our life.

With this type of energy floating in the air, it is the perfect time of the year to shake things up and take a look at how to get rid of clutter in your life; mentally, emotionally and physically.  Leveraging this mood that tends to take us over, we can focus on cleansing our spirit and reconnecting with who we are.  This time of year, people sometimes feel the need to clean their house, clean their diet and clean their lives.  A sense of freedom comes with performing a cleaning out and your spirit feels lighter.  Developing a summer ritual to cleanse your spirit allows you to head into the fall feeling renewed and reconnected.

In honor of this great season, below are several ways you can leverage the summer energy to cleanse your spirit and reconnect to who you are.  Depending on what is cluttered in your life, different ones may resonate with you.

Cleanse your diet – Everything we eat takes a toll on our bodies and energy levels.  The heavier we feel, the less energy we will have.  This can lead to spending too much time on the couch versus doing activities that nurture our soul.  Eat light with lots of things that come from to nature.  This is the perfect season to get tons of fresh vegetables and fruits that can become staples in your diet.  Try some new recipes or foods you have never had.  You may even consider doing a detox, fast or cleanse to rid your body of the toxins.

Cleanse your house – If you missed spring-cleaning, now is the time to clean house!  The stuff we accumulate can take a toll on our energy and mind so get rid of anything that isn’t needed or taking up unnecessary space. Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in a year?  Do you have stacks of books that you won’t read again?  Let them go to make space in your life.  It is even more rewarding if you give to others that could benefit from these things.

Get outside – Nature is the very best medicine for stress and feelings of being disconnected.  Unplug and spend some time camping, hiking or swimming in a lake.  Take in all the beauty that surrounds us this time of year.  It will help you feel renewed and re-energized.

Get through that To-Do list – Most people tend to have items that linger on a to-do list too long.  There are many things we need to do that we don’t enjoy doing so they may get put off for days, weeks or even months.  It may be making that dentist appointment, cleaning out the pantry or calling that family member that we just haven’t made time for.  These things take a toll on our mental energy as we are constantly reminding ourselves that this has to get done.  Get it out of the way and then enjoy the feeling of not having to think about it anymore.

Re-evaluate your priorities – Are you spending your time where the most important things are?  Take some time to sit and really think about what matters most to you and if you are honoring those things.  Typically when we feel the unhappiest in our lives, it is because we have lost connection to those things that have the most meaning to us.  Commit to a few small changes that will help make sure you don’t get stuck in that cycle.

I hope you fill every moment with the beauty of this season and completely feel the joy that summer brings!


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  1. I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx great advice

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