It’s not about you…

That may sound a little harsh, but really, it’s not about you.  As humans, we have a tendency to get wrapped up in our thoughts, concerned about what we need or what we want.  In no way is this by selfish intent or self-centeredness, it is just how our brains work sometimes.  We tend to default our thoughts to what others think about us, how to get our points across or how someone else made us feel.  Our pride and ego get to work, figuring out how we think things should be in every situation.  Our insecurities kick in and keep us from letting our true selves be shown because others may judge us.  With our thoughts wrapped up in all of this, sometimes we lose the empathy or consideration we could have for others.  Sometimes it causes us to miss the opportunity to truly give all the good we have to the world.

Shifting our thoughts to one simple statement can change the way we perceive the RISEworld, ultimately bringing us more happiness.  Ask yourself in every situation, every day, “How can I serve?”. This is what will snap us out of our thoughts and really bring our thoughts to others.  Shifting to thoughts of being in service to others, giving with excitement and joy, can greatly impact the way we approach all interactions we have.  Being realistic of how much we can give to ensure we balance is important, but if we are focused on service with the intent of purely giving, it will refuel us.

Giving brings us out of our problems or pain we are experiencing.  It causes us to act according to what can help others versus us holding back because we are afraid of how it will affect us.  Understanding that we are all truly one, and service to others is a gift to ourselves brings a type of joy into our lives that cannot be created any other way.  Practicing this simple concept will bring you heartwarming experiences that change your life in ways you cannot imagine.

Here are just a few ways to start living in service today…

Use your gifts – Are you holding back from letting others benefit from your talents?  If you are not completely expressing who you are and giving this to others because of fear, you are doing a world a disservice.  We all have gifts that make us unique and special, find yours and use them without fear.

Be Curious – Listening to others and asking about their lives is a great way to see how we can serve.  Sometimes we don’t ask because we feel we are being intrusive, but that would be about us and not about the other person.  With loving intentions, asking others about their lives leaves it up to them how much they want to share.  You may find many people in your life will open up and ask for support when given the opportunity.

Random acts of kindness – A great way to start living in service is to simply look for ways to be “surprisingly” kind to others.  Pay for the car behind you at the drive thru, strike up a conversation with someone while waiting in line or smile at a stranger.  Simple things can make the difference in someone else’s day.

How can you serve today?


2 responses to “It’s not about you…

  1. Hi April –

    I had several moments this past week when I got so wrapped up in certain situations that I completely overlooked shifting my thoughts to giving and being in service to others. Your post was very timely in helping me to remember to shift my focus to serving others through the gifts that I have been given. Thank you for your inspirational post!

    God bless you,

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