The Gift of Illness

Throughout life there are some triggers that tend to make the work of being positive and peaceful a lot harder.  Illness tends to be one.  Illnesses leave us not feeling positive and energized so our mind quickly follows.  We tend to feel the pain a little deeper and see the limits that we now have for doing what we want.  It takes over our thoughts, causing us to focus on how we are going to fight it off which inherently makes our body a battleground.  Before we know it we are frustrated, angry and miserable.  Our body is now our enemy, getting in the way of living life and causing us to rely on others, which many of us struggle with.  Dealing with an illness is not an enjoyable experience, but our thoughts tend to make it more difficult.

Although we often struggle to see it in the moment, anytime we are faced with a new illness we are given a great gift.  Our body is our best wellness teacher and it is designed to prevent pain and heal.  When this doesn’t happen, something has gone wrong.  If we are not listening to our body often, checking-in with how we feel and modifying our behavior for optimal health, then we will be more prone to illnesses.  Using these situations as reminders to check-in with how we are treating ourselves can help to avoid the negative perspective we tend to fall into.  Our illness may be a sign that we need to start eating healthier, begin to integrate new vitamins or stop overextending ourselves.  Understanding that this situation is our body’s way of letting us know something isn’t working will allow us to approach healing with a sense of gratitude for the messages we are receiving.

Instead of approaching the process of healing with anger and aggression, using love and compassion can allow us to grow from the experience.  We can love ourselves deeper for redirecting us and begin to heighten our self-care to bring our body back to balance.  Using the same level of care and concern that we would if someone we loved were sick, we can focus on how to best heal and rest instead of resenting the situation.  This simple perspective shift will not only help us maintain an inner peace while sick, but it will also allow our bodies to heal quicker.

We can also learn a great deal about our bodies when we are sick.  Finding which methods of healing work best for our body, understanding the causes of the illness and ways to prevent in the future are all tools that we can use throughout the rest of our life.  Experience is a wonderful teacher and often the most uncomfortable situations make the most impact.  This knowledge can then also be shared with others when they are in similar situations.  This could allow quicker healing of our friends and family or anyone we may come in contact with.

Being open to learning and recognizing the benefits that can come from an illness will make the situation a lot easier and keep it from interrupting your inner peace.  Treating an illness as another experience to love yourself more, respect your body deeper and learn about something new, can help manage the natural negative tendencies we can have.  When keeping a positive perspective, being given the opportunity to heal will allow for a deeper connection to your body and appreciation for the many gifts it brings.


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