True Connection

A common theme among all people is that we crave deep and genuine connection with others.  Whether it is in a romance, with family or with friends, we deeply desire the feeling of giving and receiving love.  We spend time and effort dreaming that we will find people who understand us, love us unconditionally, and know us on every level yet still accepts us.  A beautiful aspect of the human soul is the ability to connect emotionally and energetically with others.  Embracing the common bonds of love and suffering, we can create partners on our journey through life that make everything a little bit easier.

The irony of our emotions is that this same desire to feel true connection also causes us to feel a fear of rejection.  While we crave this dreamlike genuine connection, the possibility that we will be not fully loved back causes us to put up walls that keep us from being truly seen.  We protect our hearts, judge others and focus on their flaws; keeping us from giving or receiving unconditional love.  Many of these walls come from painful moments in our lives while others are from pain we imagine could happen.  While we may not realize we do this, these walls can cause us to feel a sense of loneliness even when we aren’t alone.

The way to remove ourselves from this cycle is to fully open our hearts and be vulnerable.  Understand that the risk of letting our true selves be seen allows others to do the same, giving us an opportunity to experience genuine connection.  Starting with the understanding that we are perfection and deserve all the love we crave, we can begin seeing this perfection in others.  Removing the judgments of ourself and others provides a safe space in our relationships for everyone to be who they truly are.  The more we drop our guard, the more that love with flow throughout our lives.  Those that aren’t ready to give and receive may pull away; however there will be many who will embrace the opportunity to share this connection.  The possibility of experiencing just one relationship with true connection is worth working through the fear that may currently reside in your heart.

If you would like to begin this shift, start with opening up and sharing your deeply held desires and fears with others in your life.  Being vulnerable in ways you never have will give others in your life the opportunity to know every level of you.  Without that, they can never show you the deep, unconditional love you desire.  Keeping yourself hidden from the world isn’t serving you or others.  Allow yourself and those in your life the beautiful gift of experiencing true love and connection through vulnerability.


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