I know, its been a while… but here is why…

Hello beautiful followers!  I know it has been some time since I have posted, but there has been a good reason for it.  I have been in a space of “reassessing”.  Often in life we come to a place where we need to take a break, re-evaluate and assess the direction we are headed in.  This is the space I have been in which was triggered by some wonderful life events such as a pregnancy (baby coming soon!), yoga teacher training and moving.  It has been an incredible 7 months of reflecting, prioritizing and really understanding what I want in life.

Often our lives can start to take over and we lose control, which is a little bit of where I have been.  We go, go, go until something shifts in our lives and we stop to assess what we are doing along with why we are doing it.  Many of us can take on so many different things that we start to feel torn into tiny little pieces which creates a sense that a piece of us is dissolving away each day.  For some this is taking care of one too many people, for others it is committing to one project too many, and for a lot of us it is a series of small commitments that take more time than we planned and anticipated.  This isn’t the first time that I have been in this space and I am sure it won’t be the last.  I have so many different interests, passions and a desire to learn new things that I take on many things at once.  It is to the point that when I bring up something I am interested in doing my husband chuckles and does the “here we go again” routine.  He happily supports me with all of these, but often has to gently remind me that I take on too much and stretch myself too thin, kindly suggesting I slow down and do one at a time.  It is a line I cross often, as do most people I know, so when something arises that causes me to stop and reassess everything I am doing, I am eternally grateful.

The best thing we can do for ourselves when we have this happen to release what we can so we have the time to assess what we truly want.  Sometimes it even means releasing something we love so that we have the space to think, for example writing this blog was one for me.  Giving ourselves this time allows us to really look at what we are doing and determine what we ultimately want.  While many of the things that cause us to be overcommitted seem critical, many are not.  In addition to them not being critical, they tear us away from spending our time and energy on the things that truly fulfill us and help us reach our potential.  I am reminded of this daily when I watch my husband, in the middle of pursuing a career change to music therapy, practice for endless hours to be successful at what he loves.  The time and dedication he demonstrates reminds me of the rewarding work it takes to pursue our passions.  If we take on too much, we can never put in that type of dedication to truly feel the rewards of our effort.

While I may have not been writing my blog, I haven’t been sitting completely idle but rather taking time to respond to the inspiration I get.  I have refocused my practice and you will notice many changes on my site.  I have aligned with what truly calls to me, supporting others in truly living their potential.  I am continuously in awe seeing what amazing and powerful creatures human beings are.  Each of us have our own gifts to share with the world, which are too often hidden under shame and fear, quite possibly one of the largest tragedies to me.  Ultimately my hope is that every person will live the beauty of who they are and share the gifts they have…that will truly shake the world!  I am grateful for those that have shared this journey with me, including experiencing my own.

I am so happy to say I feel re-invigorated and excited to continue to move forward with the things I love.  I am grateful for the space I have been given and the time to reflect.  Both of which have given me a whole new perspective that will help me better support my clients, friends and family.  Thank you for your patience and I look forward to posting again soon. 🙂

With love – April


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