Having patience while making changes…

It seems to be a common trait of humans to want things to happen quickly with changes we initiate. I know that once I make up my mind that I want to change something I feel an urgency that can sometimes be unrealistic. This seems to be true with most people I know and work with. It is especially true when we are looking to make major life changes such as losing weight, pursuing a career change or taking on a new project. When we want to make these adjustments in our lives, it is generally because we aren’t happy with something, making it feel like we need these changes to happen immediately to allow us to be happy again.

It is in times like these that practicing patience is critical. When we don’t we can make rash decisions that aren’t necessarily best for us in the long term. If we didn’t do these things ourselves, most of us know someone who took on unhealthy habits to try to lose weight quickly or quit a job they weren’t happy at before having a plan causing too much financial stress. The long-term impacts of these decisions can lead to more unhappiness and stress.

Patience is something that can help ensure we are being thoughtful when following our heart.   Here are some small ways you can create more patience while creating change in your life:

Practice daily gratitude – Our happiness isn’t contingent on our circumstances; it is based more on our perspective. Creating a daily practice of gratitude will help keep your spirits up while you are working on making changes. Take a few minutes to recognize the things in your life that are wonderful. This can be anything from a place to call home to a great book you are reading. It is especially powerful if you look for things to be grateful in with the circumstances you are trying to change. For example if you are trying to change your job because you don’t find it challenging anymore, you may be able to find gratitude in your co-workers or the salary you receive.

Enjoy the journey – The process of making changes in our lives can take more time than we would like, but it is also very rewarding. The process of change is a great time of personal growth and isn’t one that should be taken lightly. Explore your emotions; reflect on the decisions you are making; and share the journey with those close to you. Taking time to really enjoy the journey will make the time passing to feel more purposeful.

Look for the lessons – If things aren’t happening in the timeframe you would like, it is most likely because there are still lessons for you to learn in your current situation. Take time to really assess what it is that you can learn from the circumstance. Determine behaviors or decisions you are making that may be contributing to the lack of movement forward.   If we are completely honest with ourselves often it is things we are holding on to that is keeping us moving forward. For example, look for areas where you are demonstrating fear, poor decisions or lack of motivation.

Take a step everyday towards your dreams – Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation, energy or time to make our dreams happen. Commit to spend time daily towards making your dream happen. Even if it is five minutes, every little bit will help make you feel accomplished while you are working towards a goal. The time can be spent brainstorming, researching, practicing, etc. Making this commitment and sticking to it will help you be more patient as the time of change ticks on.

You deserve the happiness you crave, just remember you don’t have to wait for circumstance in your life to change to have it. Enjoy your life now, have some patience and take steps to move forward…before you know it you will have the life you crave!


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