Staying Grateful After Thanksgiving

So often we spend Thanksgiving feeling grateful then immediately get caught up in the busyness of the holiday season.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Check out my post on West Valley Moms Blog for tips on everyday gratitude! 



I love this time of year. There is a feeling in the air of love and laughter while everyone is focused on thankfulness and giving. I often wonder why we let this feeling be limited to such a short period of time (mainly from Thanksgiving to just after New Years). The rest of the year we allow these feelings to fade away and we get caught up in our lives. It is especially easy for us moms to get caught up in taking care of the day-to-day needs of our families. The busier we get and the more demands there are on our time sometimes cause us to lose sight of amazing blessings.

It is not easy to be satisfied with the way things are when we are consistently focused on what we don’t like, which unfortunately we tend to do. We easily allow ourselves to get caught up in what we want to make better, what we want to change and the things we don’t want to do during the day. Shifting our focus to the things that are blessings can completely change the way we feel about our lives. Gratitude is an extension of fulfillment; you cannot feel one without the other. In order to feel fulfilled as a mother and as a person in general, we must feel content and happy with all aspects of their lives. read more…



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