Make This Christmas Thing Last…

I feel called to share the below post I wrote a few years back.  To me , this still holds true every year and I continue to try to find ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive in my own life.  Will you join me in doing the same? Happy holidays to all of my wonderful follower and fellow bloggers 🙂 


In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share some lyrics from one of my favorite Christmas Songs.  Although not a common or traditional song, An Old City Bar by Trans-Siberian Orchestra perfectly displays the spirit of Christmas through a beautiful story.  My favorite verse:

If you want to arrange it

This world, you can change it

If we can somehow

Make this Christmas thing last

By helping a neighbor

Or even a stranger

To know who needs help,

You need only just ask

Image Source: Google Images

Image Source: Google Images

This verse moves me every time.  I will listen to it throughout the year to remind myself to get back into the spirit, regardless of the month I am in.  I am always inspired and amazed by the giving we see this time of year; and I just don’t mean the gift giving on Christmas Morning.  Donations to charities explode, there are wait lists to volunteer at soup kitchens, Salvation Army volunteers ring bells all around and people everywhere are friendlier.  As the season comes close, the heartfelt stories begin to spread and thoughtful ideas of handmade gifts are shared.  If you avoid the crazed stressful shopping and filled malls, which is my tendency, these other aspects of Christmas are all you see and experience.  It is an incredible display of humanity and kindness.

As the season comes to an end, I am always a little sad to see this fade away.  It lasts a few days but after the New Year begins, the feel of love, compassion and giving that surrounds us now is a memory and we get on with our lives.  Do we not see that homeless still need to be served in May?  Do we not know that our favorite charities need money in July, maybe even more so than this time of year?  Of course we realize this, but somehow the cycle continues.

One of the reasons for this is that the spirit of giving and kindness is contagious.  As this season approaches, people start talking about giving gifts, making plans to volunteer and create lists of what they will give others.  This starts to feed the energy in the air and slowly more and more people join in.  By the beginning of December everyone is in the holiday spirit and energized by it.  There is no other time of year when so many people are collectively focused on giving.  It creates a powerful force that leads to what we call Christmas Miracles, which are simply acts of human kindness that are available year round if we would choose to display them.  The focus on giving warms our hearts, inspires us and brings us joy.  This makes anything possible.

The more of us that make giving and helping others our way of life after the season passes; the more likely that others will catch on and the world can really change.  Regardless of how much you have, what you do for a living or who you know; true fulfillment can only come if you live all year long with giving, love and kindness.  This is what Christmas teaches us.  It can be anything from giving smiles and hugs to giving some of your time to volunteer or help a neighbor.  Every bit of giving and kindness will help keep the spirit alive.

So I ask you, how can you make this Christmas thing last?


4 responses to “Make This Christmas Thing Last…

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  2. When everyone begins to live out of love everyday. It’s a lifestyle not a season or a holiday.

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