The Best Diet Around…

Oh diet season… Every year January comes and we are quickly told that we aren’t quite skinny enough when we are inundated with commercials and billboards. While I understand this is heavily due to the amount of New Years resolutions people make around exercising or losing weight, I can’t help but feel a tug in my heart for all the messages breeding insecurity. This becomes compounded by how many people lose their motivation by the end of January and fall back into their old habits leaving a lingering guilt that will get added to each year we don’t lose those “unwanted pounds.”

Breaking this cycle really takes one simple diet trick that is buried deep underneath all the advertising and propaganda. It isn’t going to be publicized well as it doesn’t cost any money and there isn’t anything you need to buy to make it work. Are you truly ready for the only thing that will cause easy and sustainable weight loss?

Here it is… Love yourself.

That is it. Simply work on expanding the love you have for yourself and you will be amazed at the results. Truly loving yourself will cause you to have a deep desire to treat yourself well and take care of your body. You won’t want to eat things that make you feel lethargic or guilty. It is natural for us to want to take extremely good care of anything you love deeply and ensure it gets the best of everything. Expanding your self-love will naturally grow this in the choices you make regarding what you eat, how much exercise you do and what self-talk you allow.

As you grow in love for yourself, often the emotional eating diminished. Making the choices for healthy food is easier and eating bad foods will be a small indulgence versus a way of life. You may also find that if you truly love yourself, you will want to give yourself the best of everything in life so light and healthy foods seem much more appealing. You may want to indulge in a sweet treat but you will want to moderate it because you want to give your body they very best.

In addition to wanting to treat yourself with more love, ultimately you will be happy with yourself the way it is so no diet will every be necessary.  I know this sounds simple but I don’t underestimate the hard work it takes. Along with the insecurities we already feel, we are constantly surrounded by messages of inferiority. Expanding love for yourself requires you to undo all those messages and embrace ones with love. This work, however, is much more effective in achieving a healthy approach to everything in life, including what you eat. It is also much more sustainable than any diet where you restrict things or cause yourself pain. Allow love to be the guiding force and your life, along with your body, will transform.

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