What if?

As I watched my daughter today playing full of joy and carelessness my thoughts drifted to her future. I began to feel protective and full of pain as I considered the various experiences she will most likely have in life. While some of this is inevitable, I couldn’t help but think about what pain could be prevented. The list of judgments and criticisms that I lived through quickly flooded my head as I deeply wished she never feel such things. Then I began to wonder… what if?

What if the world cared more about what she thought then what she wore?

What if the world celebrated her strengths rather than criticize her weaknesses?

What if everyone she encountered treated her with love and kindness?

What if who she is mattered more than how much she weighs?

What if she was given the permission from those around her to be her true self?

What if she never felt the pain of judgment but rather the happiness of acceptance?

What if she learned that it was okay to fail as long as she tried and stayed true to who she was?

What if she felt love free from condition radiating from those around her?

What if her experiences taught her that difference of opinion is what made the world interesting instead of someone always having to be wrong?

What if she was shown by those around her that happiness comes from being who you are instead of how much you own?

What if the world let who she is unfold instead of trying to dictate who she should be?

What if she was taught to be gentle and kind with herself by seeing those around her do the same?

What if the world only contributed to her happiness instead of causing her suffering?

What if everyone wanted all these things for their children?

Wait… we probably do.

Then I thought…

What if we did something about that?


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  1. Love this!

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