Are you ready to love yourself?

I spent many years of my life trying to undo the constant self-criticism that my brain loved to entertain.  It seemed like nothing I did was good enough and I was constantly trying to please this inner judge.  At times, it felt impossible but I knew that there would come a day when my effort would pay off. I can’t tell you when specifically it happened, but over time that judge got less and less power.  Slowly my practices of self-compassion unleashed a love that I knew was there but never felt, a true love for myself.  While this judge of mine still comes out to play, I feel prepared to handle it and treat myself with the love and compassion I always gave freely to others.

This journey has been my inspiration to help others.  The more we love ourselves the more the world will flow with love.  We will teach our children to love themselves and judgement will lose power.  We will give each other permission to be our authentic self.  Ultimately, we will fulfill our purpose with courage and grace.

To help serve as many as I can, I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new Self-Compassion Teleclass on 4/9!  This teleclass is designed to support you in learning various techniques to live self-compassion.  Each call will include a meditation to center and focus the class, a presentation of concepts of self-compassion and an open discussion for support and guidance.

The best part?  This call is completely FREE!  My goal is simply to spread healing and give everyone the support they need on their journey to find their inner love.

Please go to the Self-Compassion Teleclass page to register!  Self Compassion


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