I Live in a Bubble

Last Saturday night my husband and I were sitting outside enjoying the crisp air. It was quiet all around and the stars were occasionally saying “hi” through the passing clouds. Suddenly we heard a woman a few houses down yell. Then we heard a cheer from another house. A few minutes later we heard from several other houses in unison.

My husband and I sat there and laughed for a moment. There was something happening that many people were extremely connected to and we had no idea what it was. I put the pieces together after I saw many excited people posting about the Cardinals game on Facebook.

This moment was a great reminder to me that I live in a bubble. We all do really. We are surrounded by our small social circle – our family members, our friend and our co-workers. There is a whole big world out there that we often forget about. Billions of things are happening right now that we have never had experience with, seen or even imagined.

We often fall into the habit of assuming everyone thinks like us, has experiences like us or wants what we do. Even though diversity shows up in our lives from time to time, it can be easy to forget how many things are happening at this moment and we have no idea about it.

Others Time

Moments like this, when I get a kind reminder from the universe that there is a whole world happening outside of my bubble, I like to take it as a sign to have more compassion. Even those closest to me can be seeing and doing something at this moment that I will never know about.

We only see into others lives through a small window, the one they choose to open for us. Often, what they show us are the parts of their lives that are similar to ours. It is human nature to connect over commonality and avoid differences. Ultimately, we have no idea how most people spend their time, even those closest to us.

It can be so easy to think the whole world has our experiences and perception, but each person has their own journey and suffering. It is helpful to pop our bubble every now and then, look a little deeper and truly see all that is happening in others lives.


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