About April


Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by!  My story isn’t unlike many others.  I spent many years chasing dreams that I realized weren’t my own.  I was so focused on striving for a life of success and security that I didn’t notice my soul was crying.

As I began to dig in, I found that much of my suffering came from a lack of forgiveness and love.  Every choice I made to create my life came from trying to fill holes of insecurities and craving for acceptance.  Compassion was always a practice of mine so it became natural that I extended it to myself which was unfortunately very uncommon.  Exploring this concept changed my world and as healing began, I started to discover my souls path.

My passion is simply around helping others move past the suffering that is caused from the judging and shame that too many people are drowning in.  I believe that everyone deserves love, especially from themselves.  As more of us wake up to it, the world will shift and slowly fill with people living their dreams and potential!

My journey into the spiritual and healing arts began almost 20 years ago when I was first attuned to Reiki.  Since then I have been dedicated to understanding my personal spirituality through study of various religions and philosophies, finding beauty in each of them.  After a back injury I began expanding my study into the healing arts, learning of all the ways we can support our bodies natural healing ability through plants, essential oils and multiple forms of energy healing.

My training consists of a Masters of Business Administration, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Professional Coach Certification, Reiki Master Teacher, Registered Yoga Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Akashic Readings.

With Immense Gratitude and Love!

– April