Reiki Training


Reiki is a holistic healing technique used to treat a wide range of pain or discomfort on the physical, spiritual and emotional level.   Comprised of ‘Rei’ (the higher power) and ‘Ki’ (life force energy) Reiki’s literal translation is “universal life force Energy”. It is the Energy that moves through and around every living thing. The Energy used in this healing process originates from the universal source.

One of the beautiful aspects of this healing method is anyone can be attuned to provide it. It also does not require any special tools; it is simply following a technique with the practitioner’s hands. This makes it easily accessible and very easy to do consistently. Reiki is not associated with a particular religion. It will harmonize with most spiritual belief systems that allow for energy work.

Each level (degree) of Reiki training has attunements that increase the strength and flow within the student. Traditionally Reiki is taught in four levels; I, II, III and Master Degree.

Please visit the calendar to see when the next training session is. Address will be provided after registration, all training is held in Phoenix, AZ 85083.

Reiki I – The first degree  is open to everyone and provides the basic techniques for hands on treatments to provide self healing and healing to others.  The class will include a history of Reiki, the Gassho Meditation technique, and multiple attunements (Reiju).  After this training you will be able to conduct effective healing sessions. $125

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Reiki II – In the second degree the student is introduced to symbols that activate different functions for mental and emotional healing as well as learning the technique for distant healing. The class will include a review of first degree,  an in depth discussion on healing others, teaching of symbols and mantras, a practice distance session and attunements (Reiju). $225

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Reiki IIIA – In the third degree the students will review the second degree and have an in depth dialogue with any questions.  Students will learn the “master” symbol and mantra as well as its origin.  This provides an additional spiritual and intuitive healing function.  This is intended for those that would like to deepen their spiritual practice and create more balance.  It is also for those that intend on moving forward to teaching. $325

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Master – The master level attunes the student to be able to teach and provide attunements to others.  This class will review all levels as well as conduct an in depth training on the history and techniques of symbols, mantras and attunements. This is a 3 day training course and intended for those interested in teaching Reiki.  $975

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After all trainings the student will receive a certification of completion and reference materials.

About the teacher – I have been very fortunate to have studied Reiki for over fifteen years under various masters.  My training is intuitively lead and I am happy to provide the students with as much information as they wish.  Reiki has been a gift in my life and a solid foundation for my spiritual development.  Each student will have my ongoing support as they continue to practice Reiki, personally or professionally, allowing us to continue to grow and learn together.   With love – April