Self-Compassion Teleclass

Self Compassion

Why Self-Compassion? In his book “The Compassionate Life” the Dalai Lama explains that compassion is the desire to eliminate suffering.  Often this is applied to others but without understanding how to release our own suffering, our efforts to do so for others is not as effective.  To truly live a life of happiness we must embrace the need to heal and identify how we allow suffering in our life.  As we heal, a shift in our lives will take place.  We will teach our children to love themselves and judgement will lose power.  We will give each other permission to be our authentic self.  Ultimately, we will fulfill our purpose with courage and grace.

This teleclass is designed to support the group in learning various techniques to live self-compassion.  Each call will include a meditation to center and focus the class, a presentation of concepts of self-compassion and an open discussion for support and guidance.  The best part?  This call is completely FREE!  My goal is simply to spread healing and give everyone the support they need in their journey.

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Calls are held Thursday 8am EDT.  Find your time here.