Leadership Coaching

The largest tragedy in corporations is that people feel they need to reject part of who they are to be successful in them. Spending a substantial part of your life ignoring your basic human emotions like love, compassion and fear; you are essentially rejecting your soul.  People need to encompass all of who they are to find fulfillment. This will make them better workers, leaders and visionaries.

Leaders are especially likely to struggle with this as they have demands from those they report to as well as those reporting to them.  Balancing these demands and living a life of self compassion can be very challenging.  Trying to meet everyones expectations, achieve results and honor your inner guidance can sometimes feel impossible.  This keeps many leaders from feeling successful and ultimately achieving the goals they are striving for.  They begin to hide parts of themselves, eliminating vulnerability and their  humanity, in order to meet the companies goals.  They try to become the leader they think they need to be instead of being the leader they truly are.   Spending majority of time in this space can leave leaders feeling an emptiness that can’t be filled regardless of the promotions, money or awards.

My leadership coaching sessions are focused around identifying your personal strengths and understanding how to apply them to your day to day leadership.  Understanding the leader your soul is craving to be, we will work to uncover changes that you can make to feel a sense of satisfaction that comes with being who you truly are.  We will work to release any areas of your leadership that cause you to feel shame, failure and frustration in order to give you the freedom to lead fearlessly and authentically.

About the coach – Over the last twelve years I have held leadership positions in various industries including non-profit, retail, distribution, logistics and banking.  My experience includes leading diverse groups of teams, front line and leaders.  My passion, inside and outside of the roles I have held, has been to support leaders in their development to reach their full potential.  I hold a MBA from Arizona State University as well as a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in addition to my coaching training.

All new clients are given a free trial session to determine if coaching is right for them.  To schedule a FREE trial session call 602-384-0702 or fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 48 hours.